About Little Darlings

Little Darlings began as a dream. A dream of supporting the experience of motherhood for women in our community. We incorporated in 2007 and have been enjoying our work for over three years now. We have met many mothers, fathers, grandparents and professionals who share in our dream. Our hearts are warmed by the love we see for the infants we are blessed to meet.

The people behind Little Darlings, Inc. are mothers, wives, friends, professionals and daughters, among many other roles. We understand how hard it is to be the best mom you can be. Our passion is to help new families listen to their intuitions, learn from our experience, listen to research based facts and make the best plan for their child(ren).

While we are experts in our professional fields, and offer expert information about parenting and research based solutions to many issues, our goal is to help you become the expert on your child and to enjoy your experience in the journey of motherhood.

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